sâmbătă, 31 octombrie 2009

despre munte

"It is a way I have of driving off the spleen and regulating the circulation. Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people’s hats off—then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can."
Melville vorbeste despre ocean. And even if our choice of nature may differ, the signs that send us there are the same. Natura are darul de a te regenera oricand bulibasala din locuri cu oameni iti roade coaja si ajunge la miez.

Urmatoarea destinatie deci - Ceahlau.

hello world

One must blog. For it is the way to socialize in the new world. Piata prietenilor este dinamica, si se modifica rapid in perioade de criza, si odata cu cresterea propriei intreprinderi pe care o chemam viata.

One must blog pentru ca ne e mai familiar sa stam la calculator 10/24 si aici avem mediul ce ne inspira siguranta de a ne explora. Who cares it's public.

One must blog pentru ca sa nu mai tot fie intrebat ce mai face si sa trecem direct la seeya later.